Nant y Blodau Bach

Dear Monty,

Yes gardens can be whatever your idea of a garden is.

I see them as an opportunity for creativity.

I have been looking more closely at the natural 'gardens' of the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path and the lush hedgerows.

They are truly inspiring. In some places peoples gardens spill over into the hedgerows with a natural blending of natives and introduced plants. Nature does a good job of gardening. What is noticeable though are the areas where farmland grasses border with the paths - and there is much less diversity here. The grasses are green and lush with few native plants. Perhaps this is due to nitrogen ?

There is an example of hedgerow and garden blending on the front wall of the cottage we stay at called : 'Nantyblodaubach '- yes John Kingdon that is how it is written !

I did a poor sketch of it - but it is enough info to inform a new fresco.

The cottage sits on a quiet lane leading up to Carn Ingli.

Moving cattle on Carn Ingli

An Angel stands - arms outstretched just for a moment
He stands above the landscape
Ancient, fixed in time.

The scoop of sea below is like a love spoon carved by the tides
The Norman Church and ancient keep held in its haven hollow.

There is a song of skylark and blackbird mingled with sheep and bellowing cows
Reluctantly herded up the hill.

Newport market morning
Swallows chatter
We walked the curve of the estuary
Sensual curve
Ducked, goosed and swanned.


The landscape pounds beneath my feet

Dyffryn Fernant

Dyffryn Fernant is a garden that emerges out of a natural wet area and the wild plants merge into intentional planting. Some areas near the house are formal but mirror the hills behind.

A place of respect.



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