I know it - but do not speak of it.

Dear Monty,

June has been a frenetic month both in the garden in terms of growth and in my life.

Rosamund Davies visited the garden on the last day of May - perhaps it was the anticipation of the visit and the gnawing doubt about its ability to speak the message that I have been trying to carve out in it - that made my dreams the night before so vivid.

Dreams are another landscape - another life not of the material. A strange level of existence outside of all things tangible.

We dominate this earth - we have grand visions and great ideas all of which begin within our soft encased brain - all electricity, fluid and synapse.

Our lives are miraculous, strange and awesome. God be in them even if we are unaware of such an existence - or whether we know the name or where the presence dwells.

Perhaps the name should not even be uttered.

Back in the land of the living - this tortuous land where we hear of such violence - perpetrated on behalf of one name over and above another.

I have grand ideas - but do they truely translate in this small space ? Rosamund says yes ! Monty - what do you think ?

In celebration I purchase 3 figures by the sculptor Rebecca Buck www.ospreystudios.org they now welcome you in to the cloister garden. Rebecca has a small garden with a big impact - it is full of her earthy sensual sculpture.

Do not despise the day of small things.

In Hay on Wye I listened to an expert on the Quran - followed by a discussion about Landscape Gardens by yourself, there was beauty in both.

Is it not strange that we - being all interelated decide that one culture is superior to another ?

Does humility, passion and a word used by the first speaker - grace - have any role to play in life in these days ? I think they do.

Finally I was invited to visit Rosamund's garden - a park of 8 acres - a vista and a garden, with herbacious border, rose pergolas and wild meadow and woodland. I could not stay long enough to fully appreciate its sense of place.

Then on to The Veddw - a garden with a special place in my life and experience.
I have learned much - and continue to learn on this strange journey.



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