Pish to thee Monty

Dear Monty,

Again I say pish.

I was scorned for planting bedding begonias (2 quid a tray from Homebargins) in some of my pots and borders. I admit to panic buying them shortly before opening for the NGS in June.

I had little colour in the garden, which under normal circumstances wouldn't bother me that much but I felt obliged to offer just a little.
Some - who shall be nameless - mocked my efforts. Deservedly so - it was a rushed and mad idea which really wasn't me , or so I thought.

But pish ! I now like them because they are picking up the red of the new flame -tipped growth of the Norway maple, and just look right ! There I said it.

I know you have been down right rude about begonias Monty - and it seems this may be one of the rare occasions when the co - maker of The Veddw agrees with you.

In life it seems so much easier to accept the infinite variety of taste.

I like saying pish.



  1. Definitely pish! I have begonias in planters and dotted around the borders. Five hanging baskets of "monochrome" semperflorens, one pink with green foliage, one green with bronze and so on. And I have a couple of hundred mass-planted in a bed in the middle of one of the front lawns. That bed has been begoniaized every year for over 20 years and I love it. Though I don't buy from Homebargains, I grow my own. Couldn't afford that quantity of grown plants! So definitely pish! Lots of begonias (but no wavey hedges).

  2. I like 'pish' too. Not sure about begonias. Pics too distantly discreet for us to really tell, though I can se a red blob twice in one.....

    Context is all.Xxxx

  3. Haha! So when you said "pish" to me on our walk this week, now I know what you are referring to! And since then I have waded deeper into to the mire unawares that you had made this post. Well I am not convinced, and Monty and I think that this post hasn't made your case.


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