11th Day, blue skies

Dear Monty,

Blue skies

How death eats us up
These fruitful minds which outstrip our bodies.
We think we fly above it
Yet it stalks us like a hunter in the shadows.

Give me sparrows in the hedge
Give me the plaintive Robin
And angled light through strap-like leaves.
Give me loving kindness as long as I can give it in return.
There is the rub.
Kindness in the face of knowledge.
Stepping down - giving way is so hard to do.

We are given so much that is unmerited.

Flowers give hoverflies nectar and pollen for their pad-like mouths
The flowers on the duvet cover hanging on the line give me sustenance.
A pattern against the hedge - over the throne I never sit on.

Give me a happy hound with wagging tail
Chickens pecking at this year's grapes
The last flush of red foliage
Dappled and appled.

Autumn stalks in and brings mellow melancholy to my heart
Oh I wish I was dead to my passions
Or at least sleeping peacefully.



  1. Lovely :)
    But you must embrace your passions. There is so much beauty in melancholy.... John Barry has a couple of personal CD's of music (not soundtracks). Hauntingly beautiful and very melancholic. Just lovely.

    1. The trouble with embracing passion is it can cause harm to others when it is not their passion too. Perhaps I am just the coward I always suspected I was ? !

  2. Love the poem, Paul. The last two lines throw me. I want to disagree, though I suppose there's no need me to agree or not. It's your poem.


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