The lurgy lurks

Dear Monty,

I know you want to know this (It's a bit like sharing pictures of our breakfast or ourselves on social media) But I, yes me the important little man that I am have been suffering from the 'Lurgy'. A cross between a virus (with productive cough and headache which has lasted 4 weeks) and a depression - very little oomph - no motivation and everything having a darkness attached to it.

It is getting better slowly but what it has shown me yet again it that everything can be coloured a darker shade by the mind. What once seemed to shine suddenly becomes dulled no matter how hard we try to lift the dullness.

The garden is overcast today, the 'pergola' at the end of the garden is just about ready to collapse with rot. I have no energy to face it.

But I listened to Private Passions on Radio 3 on Sunday - and the lyrics of the first song played told us to forget perfect offerings ! Yes - nothing will ever be perfect and the light comes in when we accept that everything is cracked.

So I boldly declare that both myself and my garden and everything I do is not perfect and that lifts me into the light again.



  1. Sorry to hear that you have been so unwell but glad that you have discovered that only God can be perfect and we should not try to be nor to do things perfectly. We are all flawed and all these down times simply served to help us learn the important lessons in life such as not being perfect and the light coming in through the cracks. What a dark and sismal world it would be if there were no cracks eh?! Get well soon and accept that lessons are learned even when it seems unlikely anything positive will come of our moods. I am signed up for a free on-line course on Literature and Mental wellbeing with FutureLearn - if you have time this might be up your street.

  2. You poor love! Depression is awful, never mind the flu too. Any consolation that it's Monty's curse too?

    1. It's not really a consolation that anyone should feel this way Ann, it just is what it is. The viral thing is probably 'man flu' ! The main thing is both serve to show that we are vulnerable creatures and not in control as much as we would like to think we are . xxx

  3. Gloom within and without. It is hard when motivation and energy wane. Hopefully all will feel better when the sun has some warmth again.


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