Oh right we are in THE BOOK !

Dear Monty,

I have had a delivery this week - the 'Yellow Book'. We are in the book. What is worse is the picture they have published makes the garden look fairly decent when in reality it is a bit dismal at the moment. In short I have a LOT of work to do.

But I'm not panicking ... No I'm really not .....Well perhaps a bit.

The main thing is making it worth the £3.50 entry - but Rhos y Bedw who we are partnering with is worth that alone. I know that there has been a debate about the standards of the gardens included but having met some of the gardeners/makers, they all get great pleasure from their gardens, and to be fair its main aim is to raise money for Nursing Charities. As a nurse myself I have seen Macmillan and Marie Curie in action and know the huge impact they have with individuals and families going through the trauma of cancer.

Gardens lift the spirits - even on dull days - but even more so on bright ones. I may not be writing many letters to you in the coming months Monty, yes I know you will be disappointed but I will be in the garden - you are welcome to pop over and give me a hand.



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