Panic, panic, don't panic

Dear Monty,

Sara Venn recently blogged about her own neglected garden - but she spends so much time helping others I don't think she needs to feel bad about it - but of course we all do.

I admire her honesty - it's like we should all have pristine plots at all times - tidied at the right times etc etc.

I admit to feeling slightly panicky myself as I watch Spring moving on apace and Dan Pearson is digging and delving and you Monty are gearing up to tell us what we should be doing right now.

I'm glad therefore for Anne Wareham who has just published her new book Deckchair Gardener - I have only read the introduction but already I feel better.

Here is my garden - with rot and overgrown grass and shrubs not pruned on time and a border not yet dug and plants not moved and paint peeling off walls. Pergola needs demolishing, shed needs new roof and window and door ! And supposed to be opening again in June with NGS.

'Pergola' needs taking down

Dogwoods need pruning back

Grass needs cutting

All needs a tidy

New border is meant to come out towards path edge

This patch is to be extended to where the sculpture sits and plants moved !



  1. Uh, according to the yellow peril you're opening for snowdrops next weekend! :)

  2. I feel better already! I have been fighting down rising panic as spring begins in earnest. Too much to do too little time. Now I will embrace those weeds !

    1. A little here and a little there gets a remarkable amount done and plants are more forgiving than we are anyway. Here's to you enjoying a spring without stress. X

  3. Tiny pictures are a great help! Thanks for the mention - hope you get time to read it one day! XXxx


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