Dear Monty,

I have begun to clear the debris of Winter and the new borders have been planted.
Spring is like a lit fuse, everything is building up to an explosion.

Isn't it strange that we forget what the garden looks like when in its fullness ?
Every year though there are changes, plants have moved about - found their own preferred place - and then there are the plants that have matured and formed larger clumps.

I have been resisting the temptation to be too tidy, because this would preclude the plants wishes to grow where they prefer. It is a struggle though to get the balance right.

I am trying to make a garden that has its own sense of place - and have been reading visiting and learning about what makes such a garden. Sometimes I think I am being pretentious - but then I think of such places as Derek Jarman's garden and am suddenly reinvigorated to keep trying.

I'm looking forward to May and the explosion.



  1. Exploding here. I've already lost the battle of the blackberries. Tidy it is not. All the best. Karen

    1. The explosion comes later here in the hills. I was criticised last year for allowing too many weeds , but I like the mix of meadow buttercups tangled in with grasses and perennials. I also know that weeds support the caterpillars of many of our butterflies. I will endeavor to be more untidy as I learn how to garden with weeds !


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