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Dear Monty,

Sue Beesley of Bluebell Cottage Garden recently posted a comment on Facebook which pointed to the fact that when Gardener's World visits large gardens it is generally to show admiration but when visiting small gardens it is to give advice. It got me thinking - is this because generally small gardens are less interesting ? It is much harder to create interest in a smaller space, and I am beginning to think that I really do need to up my horticultural knowledge to improve my patch.

In the meantime I have decided to try and make the Coal -Tip Cloister Garden more interesting by moving things around and playing with the structure.

I happened upon some steel trellis for sale in the small back lane in Hay on Wye , it was an impulsive buy because the ecclesiastical shapes the steel rods have been fashioned into fitted the theme of a cloister garden.
I moved the trellis and the iron bench around the garden to try and find a balance between practicality and composition.

It is essential that I improve my planting and have earmarked some plants for moving in the next couple of months. For now I hope the structural elements employed on a very limited budget will help carry the garden through Autumn.

Not sure yet.



  1. FWIW, there was plenty to me interest when I visited. Indeed, I will be copying something from your garden in mine next year.

    Big gardens usually make me envious which is, of course, one of the seven deadly sins. I don't half covet all that land!

    1. So do I, but then think of all the work ! I am amazed and a bit humbled that you are copying an element from my garden !

  2. The pics are a bit little to tell, but that's a great find you got!

    1. If you click on the pics Anne you get a larger version. I think they will be more of a feature into the late Autumn and Winter. X


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