How the garden saves me

Dear Monty,

Sometimes I am tempted to enter the world of the blogosphere and apply to the blogger awards ! I still have this drive to seek approval. But I have resisted the temptation and just sing my songs to the ether.

I in no way believe I have anything new to say - or anything which is beyond anyone else's ken. Or anything that you ; or many others may say in a much more articulate way. In fact I am in awe of the creativity displayed on the www.

But writing in my journal and translating it into letters to you somehow helps.

I suppose I seek connection with like minds.

I read a sobering article in the Saturday Guardian by Robert Macfarlane where he discusses how important naming nature is in order to appreciate it and that we continue to do so from generation to generation. The book he has written in conjunction with the artist/illustrator Jackie Morris aims to add to the impetus to inform young and old minds alike, lest we forget - as we seemingly are doing by becoming more and more distant from the actuality of the great outdoors.

I suppose I hope in some minuscule way that I also contribute to this process by publishing my letters and my scribbles to the world in this format.

Out of the kitchen window on a wet Sunday the fine rain creates a veil through which the orange and burgundy leaves of the Norway maple form a rich and colourful tapestry with the yellowing apple leaves and the slowly coppering beech.

The sideways slice of the kitchen window - a frame into the 'wild' wooded space.

It lifts my heart - this brief moment before the leaves fall and the burning riches of autumn fade.

The fire is lit
The sleeping dog is entranced
And the hills misted.



  1. I think it alwaays helps to know that one isn't alone and writing and reading your posts helps both you and those who read your letters. I too was reading that article in the Guardian and horrified at the statistics and am going to look out for that book when it is published on Thursday as the illustrations alone will be beautiful I am sure. The sun is out this morning - the skies are blue and just for the moment all is well hope it is the same for you?

    1. Yes ! The sky is blue and the sun warm - and I rest in it. Thank you so much for your thoughts - they help me a great deal.

  2. Did my comment vanish, or you just didn't want to ok it?

    1. Vanished ? When did you send it Ann ? Not in my inbox - will check junk etc xx


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