Sitting in the thinking room thinking of blight

Dear Monty,

Here I am sitting in the thinking room thinking of blight.

Yesterday I had found a new place to sit in the garden - sitting gives me time to think - no digital devices just me and the leafy loamy smells of autumn. By sitting and contemplating the shapes trees and shrubs are making, a kind of subliminal desire to cut or prune seeps into my mind and up I get and cut a branch from a potted beech.

I then look at the box rectangle that divides the right hand beds and notice dying circles on the top surface as though a corrosive substance had been poured from above - blight - my box has succumbed to blight.

Now I will have to think about replacing that shape with alternative plants, it is what it is.

I think about the cotoneaster that has formed a similar shape by the garden gate - it will take time and this is the frustration of it - it was time that brought the box to the peak of formly fruition !

Today though all negative thoughts are wiped clean by the light, and instead of feeling frustrated light brings hope, butterflies and dragonflies.

And I again realise how fortunate I am and how this garden seems to be forming miraculously around me.



  1. I am glad that you noticed that the garden is beautiful and calming even if it isn't always growing as you hoped it might. Enjoy the autumn sunshine whilst you can and remember that there is more to life than increasing its speed and things do take time.

    1. I love the low light of autumn - it does help to slow everything down.

  2. You are so right about autumn light. And as for the blight - it's breaking Charles' heart right now. Be ready to be consoling when you meet. XXXX

    1. Oh no ! Not more blight in his garden ? It is heartbreaking when the structure of the garden is involved - wine might help !


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