The desolation of the mixed border and other parts.

Dear reader,

As you may know - the rectangular box hedge that subdivided a mixed border and provided a horizontal axis for the eye - succumbed to box blight - it lost most of its leaves and was beyond recovery. I had to dig it out which was a difficult thing to do both emotionally and physically.

After desolation

Before desolation

The roots had gone deep.

The resulting empty space is heart breaking. I have not rushed out and bought anything to replace it as yet, but I have moved some plants around - fortunately before the soil turned to iron.

The space is now open to the elements. Sue is happy though as she always said the hedge took up too much space - making the hanging of washing on the retractable line difficult -  that's true as I also struggled to manipulate larger items in the space available. There is now more space between the line and the border - these considerations are important in a working domestic garden.

I will just wait and see what happens as the seasons progress and make a decision in the Autumn about a possible replacement. Sorry in advance to potential NGS visitors there will be less to see in June !

March will bring with it the next stage of desolation - I will be taking down the pergola at the end of the garden and emptying the old shed of all its rubbish. In April I plan to re- roof the shed and depending on finances dry lining the inside and replacing the door and window to turn it into a summer studio.

There is a bit of colour in the borders - and the snowdrops have bulked out well - so not all is desolation.



  1. That’s very hard about the box blight- we have ripped out more such hedges since I saw you last. But as you say, it’s not all desolation. And changes are opportunities to do something else. I hope that shed has enough sound timber to make dry- lining worthwhile. It could be wonderful if you get enough light.

    1. That shed will have to have new timber Charles - all that's currently sound is the block walls ! :(

  2. As Charles has said changes are also opportunities and hopefully you will find inspiration and new ideas for your garden which is never a static thing. I am sure that Nature willhelp you to fill out the empty spaces and that you will enjoy your new garden in due course as after all "change is as good as a rest"!

    1. I know that is true - but that little hedge looked good and in my mind it took the space from being a domestic back yard to somewhere near the idea of a garden - does that sound strange ?

    2. Not at all strange but Nature often has other plans and we can never be more powerful than Nature which will have her way. I love it when Nature proves to mankind that he is not the all powerful beeing he likes to think he is and we discover that if we go with the flow she can sometimes surprise us with a different plan which it turns out is actually a better one than that we first thought and one we will grow to love as much if not more than our original one.


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