Dear reader,

The African head sings
For Spring is here today
Both in leaf and heart

But she can be a fickle season
Her warmth genuine and embracing one minute
Then cold and distant the next

But she has not slipped back into Winter
There is no longer dormancy here
I long for her warm embrace

I long for it.

I have visited my first garden of the year - Slade Garden in Southerndown. Home to NGS County organiser Rosamund Davies.
The garden is formed around a sweeping vista and woodland - a bit grander than my little plot.

We are slowly overcoming the disasters of winter - my son rebuilt the roof of the vine house/greenhouse and the next job is to sow seeds from  I know it will be a bit late but hopefully there will be enough plants to both fill gaps and sell at our opening on 2-3 rd June.

Inspired by the magnificent magnolia at Slade - I bought a Magnolia Stellata with the proceeds from a painting I sold, and am now moving it around the garden to find its place.

Spring is here and now unstoppable.



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