Editing by drought and the tyger in the pot

Dear reader,

You may have given up on reading this blog - I have felt like I may be speaking to the ether again but nevertheless I continue to write, perhaps because it helps me to understand who I am.

I used to panic about losing plants - but this drought has helped me see that nature edits. I may not agree with the editing but there is precious little I can do about it. The drying has killed off the weaker and diseased shrubs, and opened up spaces that I had forgotten about. The lower end of the garden can now be restructured in the autumn which was needed anyway - it just makes my task of clearing easier.

I also need to rethink succession in the main block of planting in the middle of the garden - I was late in planting some of the annuals - which have yet to really flower among the perennials.

I have been waiting for the rudbeckia to flower with their cheery yellow- and at last they are beginning to open.

I have one tiger lily burning brightly - the others seem to have succumbed and the scent this evening from that one flower filled the garden.

This is still a work in progress.



  1. I haven't given up on reading your posts - you so often have something to say that resonates with my thoughts/views. I miss writing sometimes as like you I found it helped me to realise what I thought and who I was. Maybe I should get back to blogging sometime.

  2. Despite the drought your garden looks green and interesting.


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