The garden returns and I feel Japanese

Dear reader,

I'm not sure if you are still out there, which is how I felt about the garden until these last couple of warm days.
Underneath the debris the garden was trying to return, and a few hours in the sun, clearing dry stems and cutting back old growth began to reveal what I thought was lost.

Cutting and pruning reveals the spaces between. It is this creating of space which more than anything provides me with a sense of satisfaction. I am not a plantsman - any horticulturist would instantly recognise this fact if they stepped into my garden. I consider myself a sculptor of space for better or for worse.

Having watched the excellent Japanese Gardens programs by Monty Don - I realise that there are elements that I subconsciously use that are present in a more precise way in Japanese gardens. That made me feel very happy.

Here is a sample of today in this small space.

Hope you enjoy this



  1. Hello. I'm still here. I liked having the video clip but is it really that noisy? I hadn't registered the background noise of did you have some machine going?

  2. Carving out the spaces, sculpting the garden.


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