Dear reader,

I know I have dealt with this subject before, but then we have to deal with it every year, it is reality for everything that exists in the universe.

The garden in context - behind that cypress

The garden is in its decaying cycle, a vital part of being.

I feel challenged because like many of us, I don't want to let it happen, and spend lots of time trying to prevent it ! This year though the garden has tipped deeper into the decay cycle, a bit like my ageing body.
The challenge comes because as garden makers we are meant to keep up appearances, to be tidy, to be pretty in decay. 

The 'arbour' is held up by clematis montana alone ! The shed is collapsing. Owl's perch has rotted.

And I like a fool thought, yes let's open again for the NGS next year. Then I thought, no I can't, this space is just too untidy, too scruffy, too decayed.

But I step back and think what does it matter ? This is my reality, it exists and I see beauty in it. I simply don't have the income to be able to rebuild the infrastructure at this point in time. And this is a real garden in real time.

Do you ever get tired by trying to keep decay at bay?

An aster bought from bluebell cottage nursery years ago but lost the label

I still fight with reality, bit of a pointless struggle I think because it will catch up with me in the end !

Do you think the struggle makes an interesting garden ?



  1. I prefer to think of it as maturing gracefully (of disgracefully), just as I hope people would describe me

    1. Disgracefully in terms of myself and the garden ! I'm sure I will get some tut tutting from garden visitors next summer.


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