Letter to Monty. Trees and Storms

Dear Monty,

I agree that well crafted words can create pictures, I am not so good with words but nevertheless I continue to write and make pictures.

'....his heaving breast and shaken form had long yielded to the calm that must follow all storms - emblem to humanity of the rest and silence into which the storm called life must hush at last.'
Charles Dickens


Our grandchild moves towards birth, I move towards death, the earth moves towards its purpose.

The single cell to countless cells.

The beginning and end.

The sheer beauty of it.


Sophie is here upon the face of this jewel earth.

The garden decays into Winter, back to its bones, bones that will once again be clothed with life.
The trees rest.
The grass has now become weeds. No digging or spraying, I just mow the weeds in Spring. Still it forms a green carpet under trees. Sometimes I dig out the dandelions if they halt my eye, but that is for later.
For now the bones help me to see the garden.

A collaboration between felled tree, my son and coal measure fossils create a simple sculpture reminding me of the Ancient of Days, the cycle of life.

' His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away.'



  1. I like your garden Paul. It's not straining. It offers scope and colour. It looks safe, safe for your grandchild.
    Thankyou for quoting the Apostle Paul's words. Very powerful they are.


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