Fading dream

Dear Monty,

Having read that the BBC were looking for gardens that were waiting to be developed/changed for the new series of Big Dreams Small Spaces, I applied not thinking it would go anywhere and was shocked when the team from Lion TV got in touch. I have been wanting to open the garden under the NGS scheme for some time, but have little confidence in my gardening skills. I have wanted to create a cloistered feel, without making this small garden of 30'x40' feel too claustrophobic.

The plan was to keep the vista down the garden from our kitchen, but divide the space across the garden so that there are new vistas and cloisters to sit and contemplate in. I have not been brave enough to do this and I thought this would give me the kick I needed.

I went through the first stage of the process and told that filming would start in March/April if selected. Sadly I have not heard anything so it looks like no TV.

On reflection, I suppose that the dream was not big enough to make interesting TV. My budget could only stretch to £500 - this has been a low budget garden from the outset. I also started to examine my motives and feel a little foolish ! To be truthful I do want to change the garden - especially the view back from the garden to the house and open for NGS, but - I've always wanted to make you a cuppa and discuss this space right from the first time I used you as a hook to hang this blog on.

I fully intend to divide the space, and this has made me more determined to do so - so not a waste of time. If it works I'll contact NGS at the end of this season. There is already a garden opening in this village and perhaps we could link up - I still have many ideas, including opening my tiny studio.

Dream fading ? No it is still there and growing - even though I feel foolish.



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