Where the weeds grow

Dear Monty,

As you know I opened the garden under the National Gardens Scheme  www.ngs.org.uk last weekend.

It was a positive experience on the whole, apart from one visitor who suggested that if I was to open next year I should do some weeding.

Perfection is not resident here in this house, garden or soul.

Weeds are now a part of my vision of the imperfect perfection.

I do not strive.

The light made me change direction - sudden light which lit up blues and greens, yellows and purples. There were bees and birds - a chorus of approval. What was before me in this garden was imperfect beauty. 'Weeds' made up the tapestry of colour and fed the bees with nectar.

The thing is, all types of garden can be perfection in our own minds eye, but the bee is less discriminating and the butterfly needs its weeds.

I love gardens of all kinds.



  1. the weather was kind, and the people came. Tick and tick?

    1. The weather was kind on Saturday and the people came - Sunday was soggy. The best thing about it was that most people understood what the garden was about - that was a great feeling. ☺

  2. We need weeds. We can design with weeds too! My next book after - provisional title =
    Gardening for Idlers

    An Improper Gardening Manual

    101 Cunning Stratagems
    for Gardening Avoidance and
    Sensible Advice on your Realistic
    Chances of Getting Away with it

    will be on Weeds. I think. If you all buy Idler... Xxxx

    1. I would just like to apologise for Anne's shameless self-promotion here. Did I tell you that her last book - "Outwitting Squirrels" has sold 11,000 copies? I thought your weeds were excellently placed.

    2. Thank you Charles - it takes many years of experience to place weeds excellently - Anne is entitled to self promotion especially when she kindly avoided my spelling error in this post, she is not so forgiving with your excellent blog !

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