Falling in love again, again.

Dear reader,

I have a tempestuous relationship with the garden - sometimes I am head over heels in love, other times it causes me to despair. When the garden - (or is it my mood?) appears ragged and moth eaten I don't even want to see it.

Recently we had 5 days of almost continuous drizzle which weighted down the branches of the trees and shrubs, flattened the quaking grass into a tangled mat and caused a claustrophobic effect - as though the garden was closing in around me. Then the sun returned; so yesterday I got out the ladders, the shears, secateurs, loppers and hedge trimmer and started to reshape the garden - bringing back some definition. I also very nearly reshaped myself by falling off the ladder and almost piercing my thigh with the shears.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction sculpting this space - it very much feels like I am making an artwork - I feel the same internal dialogue going on between hand, soul and eye when I make a painting. Sometimes I enjoy the process more than the sitting down and enjoying the garden.

In the following pictures I will try and explain what is going on in this love affair. (apologies for the quality of the photographs)

The central block of planting consists of a mix of native annuals and perennials  with added grasses densely planted to give a break to the eye as you look down the garden

The hedges give a solid dark background to the lighter foliage

 Many ideas have been inspired by The Veddw

I like the repeated shape of the pine ends of the house and greenhouse separated by the beech

There are many hidden mysterious objects dotted around  - references to love, life, work and spirituality

And in a reciprocal way the garden is now inspiring art

Not sure if any of this makes sense fellow travellers !



  1. It all looks lovely to me. I wish we had had some rain it's so dry here that gardening is something to be endured rather than enjoyed! Glad you didn;t reshape yourself falling of the ladder and hope you didn't suffer any ill effects?

  2. Have you recovered from the extreme gardening? Can be dangerous - a year ago I discovered that secateurs can slice bits off fingers. Stitched together, and more careful now.

  3. Like the dialogue between art and garden! Please don't injure yourself though!!!!!! XXxxxx


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