Abandon all hope ? I shall steal trees.

Dear reader,

It has been some time since I posted anything garden related. I have a small garden and I have come to realise that you may get fed up of me going on about it and taking pics of it. But even a small space can be dynamic, constantly changing and surprising me. Perhaps it is short term memory, but I'm sure the garden shifts when I'm not looking.

I have been preoccupied with starting a MA and it has required a great deal of effort to keep up with the younger minds. I almost abandoned hope and thought I had made a big mistake, but then I realised that creativity is in our genes and I cannot unsee the things that lift my spirit, and in that respect having a garden is such a blessing. Perhaps the word blessing is an old fashioned word but it does describe how having a garden feels to me - despite the disappointments and losses and mistakes that I make - it continues to surprise.

I love trees and love being surrounded by them. My neighbours keep telling me to cut them down, and indeed the large conifers at the end of the garden are being taken down by my neighbour next year as they are on his side of the boundary. This will change the feel of the space again - and will bring a lot more direct sun into the space which will in turn change the way the plants grow, some will benefit - others might struggle, but that is what creates the dynamism.

Life is in a constant state of flux.

What I love now at this point in late Autumn is the thinning of the leaves and the stealing of landscape surrounding the house. I metaphorically steal the the trees in the park and the small woodland and bring them in to my garden - they become an integral part of its 'feel'.

Talking of dynamism I accidentally took the following image of the beech hedge - I love it !

Creative possibilities are everywhere.



  1. Ah borrowed scenery! It is strange how people hate trees. All those messy leaves.
    I abandoned a Which Tree Shall I Plant discussion yesterday, when she asked for neat.
    No, thank you.
    Congratulations on the MA. Interesting to follow your journey, with a Bulgarian woman who has started a Ph D around languages.


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