Dear reader,

Home again at the start of astronomical summer.
The days get shorter now
I am short

I have diminutive thoughts
Thoughts that lead nowhere
Then I remember that the quest is over
I no longer need to search for rest

Rest is here
In the deep parts of the earth

I am earth bound
But this is not a bad thing
Heaven can be here
Even if tied up
Locked in a sparrow
Waiting to be freed from our despoiling dominion

A honey bee feeds on bramble flowers
Then I see many honey bees - the same species I saw earlier in the year
Very very dark almost black abdomen

This wild patch - this cheap garden
Has riches beyond posh hard landscaping
Jealousy is such an empty vessel !

I search for rest in the wrong places
And when I stop searching I find it
In a black bodied bee
On an overgrown slope
At the edge of my garden.



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