There are grapes but thankfully no wrath

It has been a long time since I tapped words into this machine - I had thought that it was time to stop because I am just repeating myself. But like the grapes, it has been a time of fermenting in the sun. This 58th year of life's journey has been one of reflection on our vulnerability and realising the only wrath in this world is of our/my own making. I can choose to be angry and unconscious of my own ego and weaknesses or I can become aware - acknowledge them and choose to deal with the negativity. The only wrath around here is what comes from within myself - it is far better to give way to peace.

The garden acts as a place for contemplation - the walled space created by the mixed hedges has become for me a place to heal the soul. That may sound glib but I'm afraid it works for me.

Autumn is a melancholic month, leaves leaving the trees, fruity scents and robin song all speak of gathering in - preparing for the colder months. The colour in this garden is limited - but is supplemented by the low light and on warm days butterflies and dragonflies.

This space really is small but like all my neighbours gardens we are overflown by red kites, buzzards, peregrine falcons, ravens, black headed gulls, carrion crows, etc. It is the visitations of nature that reconnect me as a subject of nature, to the energy that the seasons provide. I believe the natural world speaks - even sings to us - calls us to reconnect - to step outside of the politics of egoism.



  1. Lovely post lovely pics of your garden. I am with you when you speak of being part of Nature and needing to be in it as it heals the soul especially in these tubulent times.

  2. The wide view of your garden is stunning.


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